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Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body Workshops and Intensives

This is an invitation to work towards Self-Mastery with Jessie Ayani in the circle of like-minded women and men found in The Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body Companion Guide and shamanic journeys. You have the option to do this work privately, it can be mentored online with Jessie or you can attend the annual 3-day intensive in Mount Shasta. This webpage explains the work and offers key pointers to guide your self-mastery studies.

If your intent is to change a few beliefs and let go of some niggling past experiences, Jessie applauds you and encourages you dig into the work with gusto.If, at some point, you are serious about taking this path to its culmination — union with higher self and your mission — attending working events with her, or working with her using online mentoring opportunities, can make all the difference in the world to the outcome of your hard work.

To facilitate this work in circle, Jessie will offer an intensive every July in Mount Shasta.

The Core Program in Self-Mastery

Familiarize yourself with the Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body Companion Guide. The organization of the working material on this path to self-mastery is a mirror of our own complex, interwoven nature. Imagine a weaving. Pulling any thread in the weaving affects the entire fabric. The threads are individual parts of a meaningful whole. So it is with our stories, our egos, our actions and reactions, and our thinking. Like apprenticing experts in tapestry restoration, we use simple tools to restore the fabric of our souls to their original intent. In a very real way, this work is preparation for conscious death, as we continually, consciously experience our life review, self-correct and integrate more of our true self.

The obstacles to this objective are many: We get stuck or distracted; We can't see the forest for the trees; We can't see the trees in the forest; We aren't prepared to face the big black bear sleeping in his forest den. Well, you get the point. There comes a time when visionary mentoring and/or artful butt-kicking are the best remedies. This is Jessie's forte. She's even ready to risk approaching the ego work with students (ouch, ugh, but necessary), when that time comes on their path. In the meantime, the subpersonality work is the best possible preparation for approaching that initiatory gateway.

As you work with the Companion Guide, you will notice that the subpersonality work gets off to a slow start and seems not to come to completion like the button-pushing and addiction elements of the program. All things in time … In addition to the three levels of consciousness covered in the Companion Guide, there is a second Guide to take you to completion with self-mastery. Why is it not included in the published Companion Guide? There are several reasons. The work is complex, mostly with thought programming, ego refinement and deeper aspects of story.

That part of the path is best walked with mentoring since oppositions to selflessness are relentlessly presented to your expanding consciousness. Practically speaking, the complete Companion Guide would have been too large, heavy and expensive to publish in its entirety. Just know that it, and Jessie, are there when you need them.

Link to Mentoring Sessions

Link to the next Intensive in Mt. Shasta

Jessie will be coming to Iowa, City for healing sessions and a group event Fall 2021. Dates will be posted when arrangements are finalized and appear here as well as on their website.Contact Gina at

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