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Calling Forth the Sisterhood of the Sun
Your Light is Needed. It’s Time to Shine!

A Healing and Empowering Initiatory Journey for Women
with Jessie Ayani PhD

We will re-invent ourselves bringing forth the light and power we have hidden for centuries. Our light is needed now to illuminate the darkness engulfing us. We must resurrect the healing powers and white magic of the Sisterhood to imagine and create a world where human love and compassion flourish and the darkness remains in the shadows.

Preparation (encouraged but not mandatory)
Reading: The Lineage of the Codes of Light, Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body
Reading and Work: Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body Companion Guide thru Level I, Storytelling, and Experience Using Tools I


Format: Facilitated Deep Discussion, individual healing work, and visionary work in pods.

Day I: The Unraveling
We dive into the chaos present in our lives at every level. It is our task as visionaries of the future to look at all of the mirrors presented to us during these emotionally traumatic troubled times and heal them within. We will bring forth and face our deepest fears, darkest imaginings and traumatic experiences of life. Our world is unraveling. Our trusted leaders and institutions are heading for demise in this unraveling. And we women feel it in our bones. We bring it forth for healing and transformation. We will begin assembling an individual fire ceremony offering to cleanse our souls of this emotional strife. Bring your fears, your anger/rage and your despair.

Day II: Collapse
We’ll follow the unraveling to the collapse of all that no longer serves our hearts and souls. Collapse is never pretty — heightened chaos — but within it lie the opportunities for accelerated change. We can adapt this to our personal lives, our social network and our country. It is a necessary step in the re-imagining of our world. We can take an active role in moving the energy towards more compassionate systems — in bringing down those who wield power over at every level of our lives. We will finish our fire offerings, adding communal offerings for our country and Mother Earth, and hold an evening fire ceremony to complete our soul cleansing. Bring your best ideas for implementing change.

Day III: The Phoenix Rises
Where are we going? What kind of world will our grandchildren inherit? We will spend this day building a New Avalon, one brick at a time. How should our systems serve us? How can we serve the other? What should be local? What should be global? We will look at more sustainable life styles, deep caring for Mother Earth and each other, and explore opportunities to build communities of compassion. For eons the most powerful gifts given to humankind and the Earth have come from the dreams of women. Our circle will assemble a manifesting crystal grid to call in and anchor our dreams for the future. This day will activate the dreamers/world changers within us to bring forth the Sisterhood at the time of our greatest personal, national and global need. Bring your biggest dreams.

Exchange: $500 US [$200 registeration holds your space] 


Where to Attend:

2023 Events


Mount Shasta, CA: June 23-25th, 2023 Contact Heart of the Sun. Our Cosmic Memory (Rudolf Steiner's esoteric story of our origins) will be included in the Friday session or Thursday evening. A non-refundable deposit of $200 is due to hold your space. Balance is due at the event (cash) or July 1st (check or paypal). Contact us for mailing instructions. Paypal payment is $520 to cover their charges. You can send a money order or check as well without the charges. If we cancel due to another varient lockdown or the like, the entire amount you have paid will be refunded.

These dates have been picked to avoid fire season (we hope) and to avoid the heat of Summer temps. Proximity to the Summer Solstice opens up a wealth of events locally in which you might choose to participate if coming early. The mountain road will likely be closed due to a banner snow year. We will meet at Jessie's home where we can share food for our lunches so the energy of each day is unbroken. There are more lodging options in Mt Shasta than is imaginable as well as managed or free camping brought you by the US Forest Service. This land is your land....

When we have our group, we'll zoom together to facilitate lodging options like house sharing and ahead of the event, meal planning those shared lunches. Jessie will be free for scheduled healing sessions on theThursday 22nd and again on the Monday the 26th if need be. See link below.


Sisterhood USA

Ascension Activation Healing Sessions will be offered ahead of and after the events. To book a session, use the button above and contact Jessie at to book your time.



For those who have attended the Sisterhood Event previously:

Mastery Training 2024: Priestess of Annu

Our work does not end here. We’re building community – The re-emerging Sisterhood of the Sun. Those who have completed this Initiatory Journey will be offered a three-day ongoing Mastery Training: Priestesses of Annu. After a first day in collaboration with the first-time sisters, we will continue our work together expanding the Sisterhood and preparing for service through self-examination and transformation of our own lives, our communities, social systems, governments and the environment. Bring all aspects of your personality – egos ready for change. The time has come to step out of the cultural mind and into Mission. The planet and her people need us.

Mount Shasta, CA: July 2024

Exchange: $500 - just let me know you're coming.

Ongoing work is supported on periodic group Zoom sessions with Jessie.