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Energy Body Restoration

In this healing session, Jessie's ability to fill your etheric body with life force is directed towards the restoration of that body and it's vital organs, the chakras. The chakras are energetically linked to paired organs and glands in the physical body. The life force animates that physical body and nourishes the organs and glands and all the cells of your body.

For this healing [face-down on floatation cushions and fully clothed], you are free to astral travel, meditate or sleep while the vital forces are put into service restoring your essential energy levels in a step-by-step circulation through the organs of the etheric and physical bodies. Uplifting background music supports the session, while Jessie works silently, on your behalf.

It must be stated here that the key to Jessie's healing gift is that she removes her earthly self from all agenda and intent and is simply a conduit for the forces your own body is calling in and using through the direction of your higher self. This is stated in greater detail on The Vision page of this website.

The session lasts for one hour, and you will see that Jessie offers a series of sessions for those whose energy body is seriously compromised. One session is akin to filling your tank at the petrol station whilst the series allows for an engine overhaul [so to speak].

Exchange: $125 [series of three sessions $350] (Curently Unavailable, Ascension Activation recommended)

Energy Body Restoration