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Cosmic Rebirth

Within this healing session one has the opportunity to surrender to cosmic rebirth. As in all Jessie's hands-on healing sessions, you will be filled with life force at the same time you are led on a journey through the stars, to the edge of our galaxy and through two major stargates, to re-experience the moments before your journey to this incarnation began.

In that space you have the opportunity to realign with your soul's purpose whilst being held in the loving wings of the angels who guard and protect you. The healing in this session accesses the most refined frequencies of peace, harmony and balance, as well as recommitment to your highest potential.

What you can expect …

You will be cradled by floatation cushions while you lay face down to receive life force energy (Qi) into the base of your spine. Jessie will lead you out beyond the void and return you to your body while calling in and holding the energies of progressive ascent, then descent.

The session itself is approximately 1 hour but you will need down time after the session to reground to the earth — perhaps out on the earth. If you are familiar with Jessie's book, The Lineage of the Codes of Light, this healing parallels the journey take by Jeshua and Magdalen in ascension and, again, in death.

Exchange: $140 (Curently Unavailable, Ascension Activation recommended)

Cosmic Rebirth