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Ascension Activation Healing Session

In the middle of the night, during the deepest, dreamless sleep, we are engaged with a higher part of self, an archangelic part of us, and with the angelic hierarchies who continue to create us, including our guardian angel. It is a time when our souls are unconscious and able to know and understand the moral implications of our actions, especially those during the preceding day. We call this Sacred Sleep. One of the aims of initiates walking the path of mastery is to bring these unconscious meetings into consciousness. This process is strengthened through a recapitulation (backwards) of the day, bringing key events to the fore before sleep.

After twenty years offering these healing sessions, listening to feedback and simultaneously gaining knowledge of mastery, Jessie is convinced that if you can lay your mind to rest during these sessions, the vast majority of participants separate soul and spirit from the physical/etheric body, as in sleep, and move through the dream stage of sleep and often into that dreamless sleep. It's a gift just to leave the body and have a 'vacation' for an hour but for some there is a deeper level of healing that can replicate Sacred Sleep - consciously.

In the meantime, your physical and etheric bodies are in the care of the Nature Spirits who hold a space for Jessie to offer restoring etheric life force - a gift she brings into this life. The session touches body, soul and spirit offering the opportunity for you and your rainbow body to return to harmonious balance possibly with a good many insights.


What to expect …

Whatever happens to you is perfect. Jessie has no agenda and that is the best way for you to approach the session as well. You can familiarize yourself with her approach to healing and her formal training on The Vision page of this web site.

In this reality, you can expect to receive a steady stream of life force (Qi) to benefit your physical and etheric rainbow body components. It will be used as directed by your higher self. In addition, you will receive activation of the entire 12 layers of the rainbow body.

You will be face down on floatation cushions, fully clothed for one hour. Allow a little time to get fully into your body again before driving. Having a sit with Mother Earth is always helpful, weather permitting.

Exchange: $125 US or $140 AUD [cash only in person or use Pay pal below with small charge to cover their fees]

Ascension Activation