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Introductory Intensive … a three-day immersion in the School of Life

Our entry-level program is an activational journey that seeks to answer important questions about life on earth … and beyond. What are we doing here? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What stands in the way of achieving our highest purpose? How can we align our lives with that purpose and live consciously whilst on earth?

Day One: Our Cosmic Memory

We plunge into the mystery school teachings seeking clarity about humanity's existence. We will find, when all is said and done, that we are journeying together through an ongoing creation story. And, we are not alone. We are supported by the loving angelics of the hierarchies who continue to create us. At the same time, we are challenged by their fallen ones, whose interactions with humanity are essential to our evolution. How to make right use of what they give us is our task during our lives on earth.

Of particular importance to the Big Picture of humanity's evolutionary journey are the stories of The Fall, Adam and Eve, and Christ Jesus' redemption. We journey through Lemurian times, Atlantean times, and the ancient historic ages since Atlantis — pre-vedic Indian, Persian, Egyptian, Greco-Roman, and our current age. Jessie's research-oriented background and questing of the mystery teaching throughout her life prepared her for a profound, ongoing encounter with the work of the Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner.

The scaffolding for her exploration of our distant past, our present challenge, and our potential for the future was gifted through Steiner's book Cosmic Memory — the first of his works to come her way. The story that unfolds is enriched from further studies of Steiner's work, her own clairvoyant research and universally held truths that are woven into humanity's enduring philosophies. This amazing story is utterly important to our rainbow body work because it is, in fact, the story of our rainbow body's ongoing creation.

You can read more about Jessie's personal encounter with the mysteries on The Vision page of this website but one magical note can be stated right here. Her encounter with Rudolf Steiner's legacy came after she had completed her work describing the Rainbow Body. With minor adjustments in terminology, her rainbow body theory is applicable to Steiner's teaching and parallels nicely the biography work that has evolved from his research within the Anthroposophical Society. It was a profound validation of he own work but, more importantly, Steiner's research filled in a good many missing pieces of her conceptual puzzle of humankind.

*Note: an online skype-version of this day and part of day two can be found under mentoring.

Day Two: Our Rainbow Body

On the second day of the intensive, we turn inward, exploring our own rainbow body, our own evolutionary journey, our amazing evolving brain, child development as it applies to evolution, and our personal biographical research — our story. The mystery school teachings would remain an activating and interesting story without the application of the truth to our lives on earth.

Using the development and future evolution of our brain as a touchstone, Jessie draws together the relationship between each layer of the rainbow body, each addition to our complex brain, each stage of human evolution, and each stage of fetal and child development up to 28 years of age. She has much to add to our knowledge of the child's needs and parent's conscious guidance that form the basis for more profound reflection on our own childhoods — as well as our years of parenting.

Why is this important? Our task with the rainbow body work is to shine as much light as is possible on our own story. It holds the keys to every aspect of the rainbow body work, which will then be discussed in detail. By the time day three of the intensive rolls around, you will be in possession of the knowledge and the tools to change your own life and make the most of this school of life into which we have incarnated.

Jessie will explain the process of working with the rainbow body, which includes the five central elements of healing, the five levels of consciousness attainable through that healing, the use of the three tools she has created to facilitate that healings, and the goal of Astral Mastery.

Day Three: Healing the Rainbow Body

From within, we then turn outward to engage the rainbow body healing work. This might begin near the end of day two with day three is entirely devoted to the practical engagement of the work. You will tell story in group, receive guidance and feedback, use the rainbow body tools to heal aspects of your story, and be enriched by the synchronicity within the group.

At the end of the day, which is the end of the intensive, Jessie will lay out ongoing work for you, coordinate that with the use of the Companion Guide and Trance Journeys. Though not required, it is to your advantage to have, at least, cracked open the Companion Guide and read the introduction before attending the intensive. Feel free to send her an email with specific questions about the intensive.

Steiner's Cosmic Memory is not required reading [daunting to say the least] but you may be inspired and better prepared to approach it, or others of his collected works, after the intensive. You will also find themes from essential aspects of his work woven into the story lines of The Priestess and the Magus Trilogy. This intensive is sometimes present as an optional Cosmic Memory evening class followed by a two day Rainbow Body workshop.

2021 Mount Shasta Intensive: Septermber 7-9th [Upon registration, you will receive information about the intensive and a list of recommended lodgings in Mt. Shasta]

Your investment: $550: $150 non-refundable deposit and balance due by September 1, 2021 or cash at first meeting (charges applied to paypal payments or optionally you can contact us for mail-in payments.)

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