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Welcome to New Avalon


Wow! It has been some time since I've posted news here. In those 21 fast-moving months, we have deeply entered the Crisis, watching the crumbling of our public institutions - political, economic, and health care to name a few. Here in the USA, we will look back at this period of our history mystified at how we could allow it all to happen. Hopefully, we'd be looking back from a new America, one step closer to true democracy for, of and by, the people. That outcome isn't set in stone, meaning we have real work to do to make it happen.

I'd been bringing my CSA along knowing hard times were coming, and during the covid crisis it blossomed and grew to get more local, very fresh food to our members. If it grows further, I will need to hire help to pull it off. Right now it is a stretch but doable. At the same time I invested in it as a grower and added a timber frame greenhouse to the farm for summer heat loving veggies and winter greens. And I've increased the chicken flock to cover egg needs for the members.

As many times as I've tried to start book III of the trilogy, Leah has eluded me - a sure sign that we are meant to pay attention to what is happening in this reality (honestly I couldn't have imagined a Crisis this completely calamatous) and will show up to write a retrospective view of New Avalon through the crises. In the meantime, I pay attention to cues and do have a new project in my mind - not quite time to implement.

As I focus on people and food, it's been obvious to me that folks are not going to return to their old lives pre-covid, but are thinking and taking action to become more self-sufficient and local. Seed companies were sold out of veggies seeds in May and poultry hatcheries could not keep up with the demand for baby chicks for eggs and meat. No store in our region could keep yeast and flour on their shelves and this continues. Folks are baking their own bread, putting in gardens and raising chickens for eggs and meat. I realize the stay at home orders for covid gave all of us plenty of time to ruminate about self-sufficiency and act on it.

My CSA members are asking how to grow greens and summer veggies - beyond the tomatoes on the south wall or patio. All of this has inspired me to return to podcasting. On the Light on the Crisis Patreon site, all of my podcasts at three levels of engagment are archived for those members and those who will want to engage my new series.

It will start at Winter Solstice here and offer one podcast every Sunday on the topic of Homesteading, each week in the life of a self-sufficient homesteader. There will be a full year of chocked full weeks, guiding members to acquire and apply the skills of growing your own food, caring for chickens, taking care of the earth biodynamically, composting, canning and preserving, planning for the future, while living close to the earth. Folks down under can start the podcast in June while we up here can start in December - with a c0zy fire and the seed catalogues (though a big part of our year will be saving our own seeds). The solstice is time to imagine the year coming.

I reckon the Crisis will be with us in all it's demanding forms until 2025 when we will celebrate the Phoenix rising from the Ashes. Let's be there together, having made it through with love, ease and grace.

And may the Force continue to be with us!



Look for our Patreon page starting October 1st. Patreon is a painless way to support people who are putting out music, information, etc., on their own. I'm spending September recording podcasts of foundational information for a multi-teared teaching program. The upcoming trip to Australia will be my last but it doesn't mean I have nothing to offer in the way of teaching and help getting through the ongoing global crises of democracy. We're all involved in this crisis and I think podcasting via Patreon is they way I can reach all of you all over the globe at one time. Energy savings on behalf of the Earth are mind-boggling alone. I will continue to help out via Skype sessions one-to-one but ongoing spiritual unfoldment through this crisis needs to reach the many, so here we go. Stay tuned for that and the link that I will post here or send to you if you are in my email contact list on or around October 1. The Sisterhood rocks. Let's help out with the dissolution of the Patriarchy in whatever and how many ways that is going to happen. And, be ready for replacement institutions - another theme for the podcasts. The Patreon site will be called Heart of the Sun presents Light on the Crisis with Jessie Ayani.

And May the Force be with US All.

Jessie 9/12/18


As the struggle to preserve some shreds of democracy continues, I am happy to add another good website to our billboard. If you haven't visited Emily's List, do so today. This non-profit is supporting progressive, pro-choice, female candidates and all levels of government. They have had 32,000 requests from women wanting to run for office since Trump took office. A worthy cause to support and a great mover and shaker to keep an eye on. They were behind Elizabeth Warren when she won her Senate seat.


As our Australian then US Events near, I've been widening my base of knowledge about the root causes of much that we hope to transform in today's world. Some of these books are descriptive of complex and sinister efforts to systematically control the US government. Credible journalists, historians, noted scholars and honest members of government have brought to light a shocking truth that must be heard. I regularly steer people away from conspiracy theory as most of it is fabricated and so distracting that it acts as a smoke screen for what we really need to be aware of. However, some conspiracies are true and we all need to face them in order to avoid living them. If you are coming to events in Australia please spend some time researching your government and it's relation to labor, health, education, immigration, racism, banking, taxation etc.

Here, we are observing the results of these sinister efforts and feel like we're fighting on too many fronts at once to try to make a difference. If we inform ourselves about the Big Picture plan in place it begins to make sense as many arms of an overall effort to control. And it isn't unique to the USA. It will be seeping out of the cracks in all democracies sooner or later. Knowing the red flags will help us mount resistance. I, for one, wonder why we don't have an equally pervasive plan to take back the power before it is too late. I'm beginning to see in this the framework of Book Three in the Priestess and Magus Trilogy so much of the work we do together in circle will likely end up there!

The most powerful force for change on the planet right now is the #MeToo movement - grassroots women, and more than a few men, unmasking the patriarchy for what it has been. It's a great start but only the first brick to be pulled from the foundation of an out-dated, autocratic power structure. That's how revolutions are birthed. And let's not talk feminism. This is people power, planet power, and power for the good and true. If we've needed to have our backs pushed to the wall, to remove the cultural blinders, so be it. It's time to get ready to bring in our future evolution - and it isn't patriarchal.

We, in the USA, are facing the steadily unfolding fruition of this nightmare on a daily basis. Those living in democracies around the world are looking on, as if it were a bad movie. Hopefully, you've all stopped laughing and pointing fingers at the joke in our White House. It's time to be mindful of what is happening in the shadow governments in your countries too. Think Greece and, even worse, Chili. The rich and powerfu radical right are everywhere. No one, no democracy, is immune. So let's get educated. Let's get conscious. You may not decide to run for public office but you can make more conscious choices of who you do put in office, where you bank your money, where you buy the goods and services you need and who you can trust. This is boots on the ground work. When we are in circle together our aim will be identifying the sinister, even if it's just a little off currently, create the dream of it's future and it's transformation into that future. In short we are needed to spiritualize democracy for humanity. We are too well entertained/distracted and not aware enough of what we're up against and what is at stake. So let's get busy.

Book Reviews

Requiem for the American Dream by Noam Chomsky

This book is also in video form as an interview with Chomsky. You can watch that on You Tube but the book is invaluable and so well done. Here you will read about the 10 principles of concentration of wealth and power. Comsky's is speaking to the rampant inequality and the strategy of 1% to keep it that way. I also recommend his recent books, Hope Over Despair, Who Rules the World?, Masters of Mankind and Profits Over People.

No Is Not Enough! by Naomi Klein

Klein's latest book is a great look at how someone like Donald Trump could have been elected - and it all makes sense. Journalist/Activist Klein offers an eye-opening look at our culture and, amongst many other observations, how we are controlled by branding, media, marketing, propaganda, and spoon-fed fake news. Truth and trust are hard to find but we are really well entertained and most wouldn't know a lie if they heard one. I highly recommend her recent publication This Changes Everything! about climate change and The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. She tells the truth. A billionaire Reality TV star? Really???

Democracy In Chains by Nancy MacLean

This book shook me to the core. You'll wade through the economic history that is necessary for understanding how and why the Libertarian view of economic freedom for the wealthy (all for me) is steering the radial right. As the story unfolds, the shocking facts that this minority's view is step by step taking over the country. Her review of the take over of Chili is both poignant and prophetic. A must read for all those loving their freedom before we loose it! I'll be using this book a lot to prepare for our work in circle as MacLean spells out all of the systems they have infiltrated and to what end. Invaluable.

Dark Money by Jane Mayer

I'm just starting this book but urge you to join me as it is The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right. It exposes those who are funding the destruction of our democracy to benefit themselves and those of their ilk. If it's happening here, it's happening in every country with an economy to steal.

Building a New American Economy: Smart, Fair and Sustainable by Jeffery Sachs

I'm looking forward to this book, hoping for some good ideas that we can draw on our search for new democratic models. New models are greatly needed. More on this one after I read it and that might be in Australia. Bernie Sanders wrote the forward.

Fantasyland by Kurt Andersen

Here's another take on why it is the US electorate would vote inthe likes of Donald Trump. It also explains the religious right in an understandable way. From the first settlers to land on our shores, we were off on a the road of confusion between fact and fiction and we are still very confused. No population has even been so susceptible to fantasy, so consumed by entertainment, so in need of truth - so elusive. A great and enlightening history of the country. If you're not American, think of your country's origins, your cultural leanings and relation to the truth.

Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth about Our Money System and Howe We Can Break Free by Ellen Brown and Reed Simpson

Learn how money is created, who controls it (it's all private folks) and how we can personally and on the state level turn that around. Before every financial meltdown the levels of debt skyrockets. Know the signs and protect yourself and others. Ellen is a persistent proponent of state banks. Me to0.

On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century by Timothy Snyder

A small but mighty reminder to be on our toes - history is repeating itself in a not-so-good many ways.

The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America by Timothy Snyder

An accounting, beginning in 2010 and through the election of Donald Trump, of the autocratic imperative that is rattling and destroying democracies world-wide. You will come away with an uneasy clarity about the Agenda of Vladamir Putin and his oligarchs and the puppets whose strings they pull in the high houses of so-called democracies. Chilling as it is, I'd rather be awake to resist than a sleeping victim. A must read if you are politically inclined and care about the evolution of true democracy.


Here's a tiny book of hard-hitting truths


In addition to books that might help enlighten us to our task, I urge you to find alternative news formats and drop the network news which feeds on fiction and fantasy. I am a M-F fan of Thom Hartmann's 3-hour radio show, which is also on screen at Free Speech TV, You Tube and Patreon. I let Thom wade through the news and deliver the truth, a progressive message and great interviews. One of his featured guests, usually Thursdays, is Richard Wolff, an Economics Professor who heads up I am a qpatron of his weekly economic updates at Patreon and as you might know, a great fan of worker-owned cooperatives, which he champions. His economic update is free for the first half hour and donor open for the second which is usually an interview. His weekly review is typically anything needing to be brought to our attention from anywhere in the world. I'll also check in with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC since she seems to have a genius for the 'need to be known' facts and progressive guests.

I might also join Steve Keen's Patreon channel. He has a lot to teach us about economics and routinely covers Australia, Canada et al. Thom used to have him on his TV show (now off the air as he has moved back to Portland from DC) and the other day he was on the radio with him. He is Australian by birth, and was a professor of Economics in Sydney. I believe the university let him go due to his progressive stance in his field and he is currently in the UK spreading his message - and it's a good one. Check him out profsteveking on you tube.

There are numerous progressive internet news source like ProPublica, TruthOut, Alternet, CommonDreams, etc. Find the one that speaks to you. It's time to wake up and take back our power.



Upcoming Events

The call goes out to the Sisterhood of the Sun, the Sisterhood of Light, the Priestesses of Annu, to shine their light on the great unraveling of our dysfunctional systems. I've written about this in the first two books of The Priestess and the Magus Trilogy and have listened to the hearts and minds of those holding light speak out against the fear, bullying, corruption, and the very long list of dark deeds that has become our daily news. And I've heard the great heart-longing of our Sisterhood to explore the many ways we can move the energy into a more viable future. If you aren't aware that we're presently living through the Unraveling, become aware. If we aren't paying attention, the inevitable Collapse will be catastrophic. Our hopes and dreams must be ready to manifest a new reality, we will call it New Avalon, as the old systems crumble. We were born for this mission and it is time.

This Unraveling is personal, social, cultural, and global. We need to face all four of the challenges at once to engage mission dynamically. I've been teaching Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body for years and continue my commitment to all those doing their spiritual work using this simple and straightforward program. Now, we need to move forward. The Rainbow Body work is designed to be done on its own, in small groups you've formed or alone at the kitchen table in your free moments. I'm going to ask you now to come together with that work well underway to work spiritually and shamanically to bring on mission collectively.

You can read about the Sisterhood of the Sun program with this quick link. I'll initiate the new program in Iowa in November 2017, in Australia in February 2018, in Mount Shasta early summer 2018 and wherever and whenever the Sisterhood comes together to engage the mission — contact me. I will also be working on the third book of the Trilogy, Main Street USA, which takes the unraveling through collapse and into New Avalon. Now, let's see what we can create together to manifest such a future for our grandchildren. The very future of Mother Earth is at stake and this is where our work must be done for this phase of our evolution. Rather than allow her destruction and that of our species, we turn to the hierarchies and the wisest of our teachers in spirit to help us heal and re-create this reality. I hope you can join me. I know many of you are heart-connected to that circle of women in The Lineage of the Codes of Light book. That is no mistake. So get busy on your Rainbow Body work, familiarize yourself with the Shamanic Journey tools and join me to manifest our mission.




A members-only Sisterhood blog is setup and ready to keep those engaged in touch with each other and with me.