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Consultations with Jessie Ayani

A consultation with Jessie is an opportunity to draw on her decades of experience working in circle with men and women intent upon changing their lives and awakening to spirit.

It is also a good venue to chose for those who have had awakening experiences reading The Lineage of the Codes of Light or any of her activating books. Trying to relate those experiences to your everyday life can be daunting. However, it is important to integrate them into your soul's journey and opening to mission.

Whatever your need, three opportunities are available to you:

• An in person consultation when you are in Mount Shasta, CA.

• A phone consultation wherein you place the arranged call.

• A Skype session, which is Jessie's favorite way to look you and your soul 'in the eye'.

Prepayment is required by using paypal, sending a check in the mail, or paying up front when meeting in person.

Cost: $90 for an hour, $130 for 90 minutes.

Session Length