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The Power of Conscious Parenting

In conscious parenting, we have the quickest and most effective way to change our world. Think about that. In two generations we could be living in consciousness soul. Of course, it isn't going to sweep over the human bell curve of evolution quite like that, but those who care about that evolution, those who tend towards the leading edge of that bell curve, can facilitate the trend that will lead humanity forward as we were intended to evolve. Yes, it' a big order. Yes, it makes parenting consciously more important than earning a high wage, living in a luxurious home and filling our free time with life's many distractions. It's a huge commitment to the future, to family, and most importantly, to our children's potential.

Because this webpage will represent one of the dearest initiatives to my heart and soul, it will remain under construction for the time being, while I prepare (learn how to create and upload) podcasts of my conscious parenting lecture with visual aids. They will be short podcasts of the 7-year stages of childhood through 28 years of age (with the first podcast dedicated to conscious conception and pregnancy), when the young adult has the potential to embody their own archangelic consciousness - 5th dimension, if you can imagine that. It is entirely possible for this to happen.

The lectures focus on child development, brain development, the rainbow body, education and culture. I think you will find them most helpful. I will include a good many links for further study and/or education. So look for this page later in the fall or early winter of 2013. The lectures will be offered free of charge as my service to the children. Hopefully they will go viral and reach untold numbers of parents who hold the future in their conscious care. Conscious parenting is the most needed skill to acquire on this earth and the highest service to humanity.

Note: Jessie is recording the Consious Parenting Course as a Beacons of Light podcasting series at or go to patreon and search her name.

Blessings, Jessie