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The Brotherhood of the Magi

Journey high into the Andes on a spiritual quest that will change forever your relationship with the Earth, your fellow humans and your own soul. This story, filled with magic — both practical and cosmic — chronicles the first meeting 'in body' of the highest magicians on the planet — a circle of twelve people belonging to the Order of the Ruby.

Their meeting takes them into the higher realms while the space for that encounter is held by a circle of twelve women belonging to the Sisterhood of the Sun.

The highest spiritual warriors of the Brotherhood of the Magi meet the Sisterhood of the Sun as the planets align with the Great Central Sun. This meeting is destined to take place as portals open and truth is spoken on behalf of the hierarchies guiding our evolution and by our own Ascended Masters.

Filled with archetypal wisdom, spine-tingling truth, magic and myth, The Brotherhood of the Magi transcends the limitations of this dimension, providing us with a blueprint for higher consciousness. Though, especially activating for spiritually-minded men, this story 'raises the bar' for all of our highest aspirations.

Above all, this is a love story from the stars — a gift of hope that models new relationships for the coming Golden Age. On this sacred journey, Chris Kramer and Leah Erickson find each other and Mission. It is an excellent way to prepare for reading The Priestess and the Magus Trilogy.

ISBN# 978-0-9896903-5-5, Trade paperback, 6" x 9", 2nd edition, 324 pages.

Cost $19.95
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