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My mission is to bring you practical resources to self-manage your journey to higher consciousness, in the hope that you will connect with your soul mission and become part of the growing number of people in service to human evolution and Mother Earth. The spiritual path I've defined, and share, is simple, user-friendly, practical, progressive, sustainable, grounded, and honoring of the Earth — and it works. We can only build sustainable progressive communities from places of self-mastery, beyond emotional, mental, and ego conflict. Our ability to do this has everything to do with the future of our planet and humanity.


My door is open again for healing sessions here in Mount Shasta and when called elsewhere. I'd like those coming to take a Covid self-test and to reshedule if they are feeling at all ill. And I can announce that the Sisterhood 3-Day Retreat is ON for 2023. Click on the Sisterhood link on the left menu.


2023 Sisterhood Gathering in Mount Shasta

Click on the Sisterhood link on the sidebar to the left and check out our first event since the pandemic arrived on the scene. We'll clear the past, reset the present and vision the future. Join us!


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You can engage the spiritual path with the benefits of guidance in group, or you can open my Companion Guide on your kitchen table and take the most important step of your life on your own — with or without available one-on-one coaching. The path is not dependent on anyone else, which makes your personal motivation an important prerequisite to walking it. If you are inclined towards self-sufficiency with a strong sense of service to others, you will be richly rewarded on this path.


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Another easy way to introduce yourself to the work is through story. I began writing with two profoundly activating fiction books (the Lineage and Magi books, as they are fondly referenced). Next, I turned to laying down the practical work of changing one's life (Awakening the Rainbow Body books and CDs). I am now in the midst of writing a powerful trilogy (The Priestess and the Magus) that calls us to community at the same time it challenges us to manifest our birthright as soul-conscious human beings. You'll find all of these books (save Book III of the Trilogy which is in process) at our online store with links to Kindle editions and Mp3s.



Visit our new Sisterhood page to learn about Jessie Ayani's new initiative to activate and engage The Sisterhood of the Sun. We are very much needed at this tumultous time on the planet. You may feel the call to join us, especially if you were activated by the Lineage of the Codes of Light. This is 'Boots on the Ground' work for our own healing and empowerment and the future evolution of humanity. It's time. So the call goes out for the Sisterhood to step up!

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