Deep Trance Shamanic Journeys, Volume Three: Reclaiming Power

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The journeys on this CD provide you with two essential tools to change your life. Both of them help you reclaim lost power. There are many ways in which we give our power away through the circumstances of life. Along with The Journey to Alcyone (to change core beliefs) on the Volume One CD of this series, the journeys on this CD support the three simple tools you need to change your life completely. You will find them essential to the practical guidance found in the Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body Companion Guide to Self-Mastery.


Each journey has a number of preparatory steps that must be completed prior to the journey to assure successful work. Both journeys do require that core beliefs have already been changed to support the new reality you are creating. Once all the steps have been completed, and some of them simply help you gather information to guide the journeys, you are ready to enter the magic of inter-dimensional healing that the journeys facilitate. You will be transported into your thought field where your reality is created. Change at that level of consciousness is immediate, though conscious integration will need to follow.

— Blessings, Jessie


Journey of Recapitulation: The Great Liberator 

This journey will assist you with recapitulation, the process of remembering past events in your life, taking responsibility for them, then letting them go in the spirit of service using virtues like forgiveness or acceptance, for example. The process of recapitulation helps to clear your emotional mental field of the memory that would be your life review when you die. If your emotionally charged memories have already been dispersed to the collective unconscious with a transforming intent, your life review will be minimal or pleasantly remembered. That eliminates distraction from opportunities to ascend at the moment of death. In addition, and most valuably, it eliminates drama in this life, which provides a distraction free emotional mental body capable of experiencing the true feelings of connection to All That Is. This represents an ascension step within this life.


Before taking this journey, and you will likely take it as often as the Journey to Alcyone to change your core beliefs, let me present the preparatory work.


1. Access Memory: These will be memories with emotional charge, which is why they are still in your field. Some memories seem to haunt you. These we call the “hungry ghosts” and they are a good place to start with memory. Make a list of them. Make sure they are scenes from your life and not a list of names. For your first journey choose around 6. When you begin to access memory in this way, many memories will come to you. Continue to list them in a notebook for future journeys.


2. Create a safe and quiet space in which to take the journey. Make sure you will not be disturbed and that you will be comfortable in all ways.


3. Review each memory as if you are replaying a scene from a movie. Get into the emotions you felt at the time. That should not be too difficult since they are stuck right to the memories. Now, the challenging step, take full responsibility for the interaction as something you called to you in your life as a learning experience. Learn all you can from it. What did you want from that person and what did they want from you. That is the power loss step you would like to change. Identify the core beliefs that stand in the way of your acceptance or forgiveness (for example) and change them using The Journey to Alcyone on the Volume One CD. That is always the first tool used to self-correct.


When you energetically take from someone else, you hook them with your need. This is actually a way in which you barter away part of your emotional body without being conscious of it. In your visualization of the scene, see the yellow filament of your emotional body hooked into one of their chakras (usually solar or sacral, sometimes heart), and follow the yellow filament from their emotional seeing where it enters your chakra. Energetically, we are walking through life dragging a lot of hungry ghosts with us. It is a drag on our energy.


On the journey, you will pull your filaments back and return theirs to them. When this is done in the spirit of service, say forgiveness, with the original emotion in mind, it frees the memory by ungluing it from your field. The service step is important as it neutralizes the memories impact on the collective conscious. That is a service to humanity. Additionally, returning the emotional body filaments to those with whom you have been energetically bound opens the door for continued spiritual growth for them as well as for you.


4. Review your list of remembered scenes and take the journey. Use your first scene to follow the recapitulation protocol in the journey. Then recapitulate the remaining scenes on your own.


The Journey to Change Thought Programming: Embracing Mindfulness

 This is the third tool of the Three Simple Tools and usually the last to be used as the spiritual work progresses. In our intellectual mental bodies, we have created, over our lives, many programs that automatically run when repeated situations arise. For example, in a useful program example, as soon as you sit behind the wheel of your car, your driving program kicks in. These programs help us function in a complex world.


In addition to useful programs, we run a lot of programs that keep us repeating detrimental behavior, some of them negative survival loops that reinforce the program every time it runs. Part of the spiritual work is to free the mind of detrimental programs. This journey is the last step of that work. Here is what you will have already completed before taking the journey.


1. You have identified the program you will be disassembling.


2. You have researched and recorded the history of its use.


3. You have self-corrected using Tool I: Changing related core beliefs.


4. You have self-corrected using Tool II: Recapitulation of the Programs    inception and memorable events when you have used it.


5. You have identified the mental or emotional trigger that starts the program running and the feeling in your body that accompanies it.


6. You have been able to stop the program at least once by using the feeling as a red flag.


At this point, what remains of the program is core belief filaments bound together by emotional or mental glue — free-floating program fragments — like bundles. Intact programs look more like super highways in your mind. You will pull these fragments apart and release them to the collective during the journey. In the Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body Companion Guide we do not approach this journey until the third level of consciousness training, so do not be discouraged if you try the journey without that training and fail to change the programs. The guidance is highly recommended to succeed with this work.


7. Now you will take the journey and release the fragmented programs. The work of disassembly has been done prior to the journey with steps 1-6.


8. Finally, there is an integration step that coincides with the realization of patterns in your life that you have come in to heal and the role the programs had played in those patterns. Greater consciousness of those patterns is a major step in healing your life.


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