Deep Trance Shamanic Journeys, Volume Two: Right Relationship

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It is a simple truth that our healing journey and spiritual awakening is about being in right relationship –with everything and everyone. Taking responsibility for our lives opens the door to self-mastery and the work of reorganizing our rainbow bodies towards right relationship with our souls. The work in our first journey is to heal addiction, including the removal of obstructions to consciousness put in place through repetitive patterns and programs acquired during our lives. It is my hope that you will use Awakening and Healing the Rainbow Body with its accompanying workbook to better understand this work, but I include the text below as a thumbnail version of the preparatory work. In addition, it will be necessary to first complete journey work around core beliefs using the first CD in this series, Pachamama’s Child. My intent in writing the books and recording the journeys is to provide the same inter-dimensional guidance and energetic support given in my workshops. I encourage you to take advantage of all that is available as you walk this autonomous path to God. Blessing, Jessie

The Journey to Heal Addiction

Considerable preparation is necessary to effectively complete the work of healing addiction. For those not using the workbook to prepare, here is a concise, step by step, version to guide your journey process.

1. Identify the core beliefs that are holding your addiction in place. Use the first CD in this series to make changes in your fourth dimensional assemblage point, which shapes your reality. A complete explanation is contained within the CD guide.

2. Addiction-related core beliefs can be identified at several levels: the core beliefs that currently support your addiction; the core beliefs that anchored your addiction in place at its inception; and the culturally held core beliefs that have helped to support your addiction (examples are heart research advocating red wine use and messages from product marketing). Replace these core beliefs with those that do not support your addiction. If your present addiction began when you let go of a former addiction, return to that addiction as well. Break the core beliefs that anchored it in place or make sure those core beliefs are not still part of your reality.

3. Identify the emotion that initially led you to engage the addiction. Outwardly this might seem challenging, but experience suggests that it will be a fear. For example, one might begin to smoke, drink or take drugs as a young person for fear of not being accepted by peers. Worrying obsessively about money (a mental addiction) might have begun as a fear of not meeting parental expectations of success. Once this fear is identified, consider the emotions currently surrounding the addiction. Write this information out to hold it in your consciousness while on the journey.

4. If your addiction has affected your physical body and its organs, your etheric body and its energy system, or your mind, note these problems in preparation for healing the light scaffolds of your rainbow body.

5. Try to identify the consciousness associated with your addiction. For example, addiction to sugar could be consciously controlled by Candida organisms within your body, addiction to marijuana is controlled by the consciousness of the marijuana plant (likewise smoking/tobacco plant, alcoholism/grain or grape). Mental obsessions and repetitive compulsive behavior like addictive shopping create powerful entities (conscious thought constructs) within the mental field. On the journey you will confront the consciousness of your addiction to take back your power.

6. Lastly, your addiction may have opened portals to the collective unconscious giving predatory energies access to your rainbow body. If your addiction has been energy depleting for yourself and/or those around you, you may find open portals on this journey. These portals can easily be protected, but it is good to contemplate this possibility before taking the journey. For example, predatory entities in the collective unconscious feed on the energies of emotional reaction. Those having serious addictions, with open portals to the collective, can be used by predatory consciousnesses to create dramas in the lives of others for the purpose of emotional reaction. At the mental level, thought form entities can gain enough power to create portals into the unconscious and obsessive negative thoughts about someone can travel out to hurt them. This is, literally, black magic.

When all of this preliminary work feels complete, use the journey to mend your rainbow body, take control of your life through conscious awareness, and eliminate the leaking of energy from your fourth dimensional space into the collective. Again, to be certain of being in completion with addiction work a lot of clearing is required as is coaching in the Awakening and Healing Companion Guide. This journey will not work miracles for you unless you do the work.


Journey of the Beloved Twin Ray

This is a journey of union with the ultimate partner, your beloved twin ray. Your twin ray is the complimentary aspect of your Essence. Your Essence and that of your twin ray journeyed out from the Heart of God as one, but separated to experience individuation as male and female energetic aspects (yang/yin). Energetically your twin ray is never far away from you and can be summoned into union momentarily. Use this journey to remember union and apply the joy and love received to come into right relationship with all of life.

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